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Develops Great mobile experiences

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These motivational fitness quotes will inspire you, and instill the confidence you need to break through any obstacles in your path

The quotes focus on all things pertaining to health and fitness including: working out, eating right, motivation, weight loss, and inspiration

You’ll always win with this fun lottery number generator. Picks come from a realistic 3D simulated lottery ball machine just like you see on TV

Supports most lotteries US and international lotteries

Quick pick mode rapidly generates multiple picks

Inspiring, Motivating Quote Applications

Develops Great mobile experiences

Mobile • Invoicing • Geolocation • UI Design



Want to add a little fun to your daily decisions?

Simple to use, just choose from one of the pre-built decisions or create your own

Shake or swipe your device to spin the wheel and reveal your answer. The spinning wheel, great graphics and sound add fun to all your decision making

Featured Quote Applications

If you’re trying to lose that extra weight, and want to get healthy for yourself and your loved ones, these motivational quotes will inspire you, and instill the confidence you need to break through any obstacles in your path

Ready to make a new year’s resolution, or have you decided it’s time for a life change? We’re here to help! Use these quotes daily to instill the confidence, and positive mental attitude you’ll need in your life journey.

Great app to help you keep track of all your thoughts. Simply enter them in or read them from a file

Display your thoughts in a slideshow or right on your device using fully configurable homescreen widgets

Share your thoughts on all your social networks

Location aware mobile invoicing app. which automatically tracks the time spent at one or more client's locations, and the travel distance between locations

Create professional invoices that precisely and accurately reflect labor hours and mileage

Quickly send and share invoices with your customers

A modern twist to the old fashioned method of choosing names by writing names on slips of paper and then drawing them from a hat

Simply enter a list of items (e.g., names, numbers, etc.), or select names from the contact list and then shake your device to randomly select a name or number

Can also be used to select lottery numbers, or along with printed tickets to hold large group drawings or raffles

This application chronicles where you go and what you do. Specify the locations you’re interested in, and the app automatically records when you enter and leave, the total time spent at the location, and travel time between locations.

You define what happens when you enter or leave, whether that is making an audible sound, vibrating, sending an IM, etc.

Over time the application builds up a life history, of where you’ve been and your activities (e.g., sitting, walking, driving, etc.)

These great quotes will inspire and motivate you to be more positive, confident and encouraging

They’ll help you to remain optimistic and maintain a positive mind-set while you strive to better your life and those of your friends and family