Save and share data (excel-CSV files, etc.)

Export data into accounting applications

Create professional and visually appealing invoices in PDF format, preview, and send to clients on the spot via email, Dropbox, cloud, etc.

Backup and Restore keeps your data safe

Visualize your data using bar, stacked and pie charts

View timeline of locations or visualize using a variety of charts

Map overlay shows where you're spending all of your time

  • Fully Automated Labor and Mileage Tracker
  • Quickly Create Professional Invoices
  • ​Invoices Accurately and Precisely Reflect Labor Charges
  • Instantly Send Invoices
  • Track Payments and Overdue Invoices
  • Visualization Tools to Maximize Profit

Automatically add labor hours and mileage to invoices
Full flexibility in how labor hours are represented on invoices

  • Specify how often to create new invoice line items (e.g., once per day, once per week, etc.)
  • Split labor hours within an invoice  to provide more detail or clarity (e.g., split 8 hours labor into 3 hours on project X, 4 hours on project Y, etc.)

Add travel expenses to invoice (NOTE-approximate distance in initial release)
Assign a location to a client, and then when you add client to an invoice, labor hours will automatically be tracked

Travel Expenses

Quickly generate estimates, quotes and invoices on your mobile devices
One touch instantly converts estimates, or quote to invoices
Apply discounts (amount or percent) and tax either per product or on invoice total
Stores reusable data like business information, clients, and products for easy reuse across multiple invoices
Track payments, in progress, and overdue invoices 
Create professional looking invoices  in PDF format, preview, and send to clients on the spot via email, cloud, dropbox, etc.
Export into accounting applications

Risk Free 30 Day Trial

​Location Aware Mobile Invoicing Application

Invoice Auto


Mobile • Invoicing • Geolocation • UI Design

Location based time tracker automatically and accurately captures time spent at one or more locations completely eliminating manual time keeping and time sheets
Instantly add labor hours to invoices to create professional and accurate bills
One time setup takes about 20 seconds, after that the app takes over and automatically tracks each time you enter or leave a location whether the application is running or not. No user intervention required!Control enter and exit actions (e.g., beep, vibrate, send SMS, etc.)

Business application designed for consultants and contractors who need to quickly and accurately create quotes, estimates or invoices which accurately reflect labor charges, and share them with customers or clients.

Time Tracking, Labor HOURS, And Locations

Location Based Invoicing

Estimates, Quotes and Invoices

send, Share, and Visualize

Automatically records mileage between locations
Instantly add mileage to invoices to create accurate bills (NOTE-approximate distance in initial release)

Fully configurable, select which travel expenses appear on invoice and the charge per mile or km